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LogoAnts Money-Back Guarantee

A Guarantee With Teeth!

Most online logo design firms offer a guarantee. If you take the time to read all of the fine print you quickly realize that guarantee is chained to the floor. Some logo design firms go to great lenghts to ensure that there are limitations to block every possible refund request.

By contrast, here's the LogoAnts.com Guarantee: When we send you the first batch of design concepts and you go "eeek!", reply to that email, type "refund" and your order number in the subject line and click Send. We will promptly refund your order in full. No service fees, admin fees, processing fees or bank fees. We will refund every penny.

The following are the only limitations:

  • The money-back guarantee is valid for 30 days.
  • To issue a refund, we will need your order number so that we can cancel that specific order. If you can't supply an order number, we can't cancel your order.
  • When you get the first batch of concept designs, you can either give us your feedback and await the next batch or you can request a refund. You unfortunately can't have both. If you continue with the process past the first round you no longer have the refund option available to you.

(By the way, 99% of our clients choose to continue with the design process. The LogoAnts.com design team are a dedicated, talented and experienced group of ants who live on coffee and compliments. Chances are that they will comprehensively exceed your expectations.)





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