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How fast is LogoAnts?

1 to 2 business day turnaround (per revision).
More on turnarounds

Who owns the logo?

You own the final, approved version of the logo.
More on logo ownership

What about copyright?

Copyright to the final, approved version of the logo is transferred to you.
More on logo copyright

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.
Detailed look at our logo design guarantee

How will I communicate with the designer?

Email communication for design feedback. Telephone communication also available, but must be accompanied by email instructions.
More on communication during the design process

How many designers will work on my logo?

Usually one, but up to 3 designers depending on circumstances.
More on our designers

Are your designers in-house?

All LogoAnts designers are in-house. We do not use freelance designers.
More on in-house versus freelance designers

How will the logo be delivered?

The final set of files will be delivered via email, or pay a small additional fee to have a CD shipped to you.
More on logo delivery

In what formats will the logo be delivered?

CDR (vector), JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF. More formats available on request.
More on logo formats

How many times can I request changes?

More on logo revisions and the revisions process

Do you keep a backup of my logo?

Yes, lifetime backups included with all packages, including shelf logos.
More on logo backups and archiving

What if I have my own idea for my logo?

Good. We'll work with you to refine (if needed) and present you with a professionally rendered version of your logo!
More on logo ideas / logo sketches

I already have a logo, but need it spiced up. Can LogoAnts help?

Yes, we offer logo repair and logo redesign services.
More on logo repair and logo redesign

Can you also make me a business card/letterhead?

Yes, we offer stationery design services.
More on stationery design

Do you create cartoon/mascot logos?

No. Cartoon and mascot logos are best created by a specialist. We recommend CartoonBall.com.
More on cartoon logos
(off-site link, opens in new window.)

Will I receive the logo in color, grayscale and in black and white as well?

Yes, but not with the Bronze Package. With the Bronze Package you receive it in color only. With any of the other logo design packages you receive it in color, grayscale and in black & white.
More on color vs grayscale vs black & white

How many colors can my logo have? Does it cost more to have many colors?

There's no limit and no extra charge for many colors. Your only consideration here is printing cost. Depending on the printing process used, more colors often cost more to have printed.
More on logo colors

I live in a different country. Can I still order from LogoAnts?

Yes, absolutely. If you have a basic grasp of English, you can order from LogoAnts. Your geographical location is irrelevant.
More on locations, currencies and languages

Can you guarantee a final delivery date?

Yes and no. The final delivery date depends on you more than on us - the logo design process stops when you say it stops, so it's impossible for us to commit to a final delivery date. As far as possible, we'll work within your time constraints.
More on deadlines

Are there logo design clichés to avoid?

Yes, there certainly are. Anything that you could classify as a "basic shape" is dangerous. Ask yourself: Is there a reasonable chance that another designer could independantly come up with the same logo?
More on logo design clichés

There's a shelf logo that I like, but can you change something on it?

That depends. If it's a fairly small change then we can make that change for you at no extra charge. If it's a big change, tell us what you have in mind and we'll quote a price.
More on changes to shelf logos

There's a shelf logo that I like, but it says "sold". Can I buy it?

Short answer is "No!". Here's why:
More on logo reselling


If you have a question not answered here, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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