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  • Can't expect much for $99? Think again! Try us. We will comprehensively exceed your expectations.
  • Exceptional 2 business day turnaround per revision.
  • Exceptional 1 business day turnaround for shelf logos!!
  • Quality! Our logo design examples speak for themselves.
  • We do not use clip-art, templates or stock images. All logo designs are created in-house and every logo starts on a blank page.
  • Unlimited alterations come standard with all our logo packages. We will continue fine-tuning your logo until you are satisfied.
  • No hidden fees. Any price shown on this site will be the full, once-off design fee. No fine print.
  • Your final logo design files will be delivered in print-ready and web-ready formats. Additional formats on request and free of charge.
  • Grayscale version and black & white version of your logo included with Silver, Gold and Platinum packages and also with our shelf logos.
  • Exclusive rights, copyright transfer included.
  • Unconditional money-back guarantee on all our work.
  • Fanatical after-sales service and free technical support.


Need a logo? Read this first!

AntBox!Buying a logo design is a little like buying a box without knowing what's inside. Problem is that most logo design firms expect you to be ok with that and to accept whatever is inside as your new logo. Sure they will throw in clever reasons why this logo is the best ever, but that's called "selling", not "logo design".

It works great for logo designers, but not for you.

So here's the deal:

Let's say you pick the Silver Package. That gets you 12 concept designs to choose from. We won't send you all 12 designs in one batch. We'll send you 4 designs - and give you a chance to provide feedback before we do the next batch of 4 - and so on. And you can "let us have it" in your comments. Don't hold back. Your comments help us to narrow it down. We find that this way of doing logo design works great for the client - even if it means more work for us. The end product will be what you want.

And if you view that first batch and go "eeek!", we'll give you your money back.

All of it.

No "service fees".

No fine print.

No questions asked.



Which logo design package is the right one?

Need just a logo? Then it's going to be either the Bronze or the Silver package for you. If you have a clear idea of the type of logo you're after, the Bronze Package is the right choice. Five concept designs should be plenty, especially if you have examples of logos that you can send over to help point our in-house designers in the right direction. The Silver Package is exactly like the Bronze, except you receive 12 unique concepts to choose from, not 5. The Gold Package comes with a whopping 24 unique concept designs to choose from.

Remember, the concept designs phase is only the first phase. Then comes the alterations phase where we fine-tune your favorite concept design until it's perfect. You get unlimited alterations with all our packages.

Our Platinum Package is the same as our Silver Package but also includes a custom business card, letterhead and envelope design to match your new logo. If you just need stationery (business cards, letterheads, envelopes etc. and not a logo), have a look at our stationery design options.

If you need need something else like a web site design, brochure design, packaging design etc., please get in touch and tell us what you need. We will get back to you with a custom quote within 1 business day.



Start small

If you know what you want, start with the Bronze Package. In many cases 5 concept designs are more than enough to hit the mark. If it's not enough, we will let you upgrade to the Silver Package - and you pay only the difference. Even if you're not sure exactly what you want, it makes sense to start with the Bronze Package. Our money-back guarantee means you have nothing to loose - and if we hit the mark within those 5 designs you saved a few bucks by not going for one of the bigger packages right off the bat.

If you're not sure if LogoAnts is the right logo design company for you, please have a look at our logo design examples. Here's an alphabetical list as well. We think our logos speak for themselves :-). Remember that we back our work with a no-fuss money-back guarantee.



Be careful!

We don't particularly like harking on the weak points of our competitors. No, really. We don't.

If you're shopping around for a logo designer, there are a couple of things you should be aware of.

First and foremost: You need to receive your logo in vector format. Logos done in vector format are fully resizable and in many cases are required by printing and embroidery companies. Less experienced logo designers sometimes work in PhotoShop or similar programs. No good. You need someone who works in CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator - or both like we do. Make sure that the logo designer you pick will deliver your final logo in vector format.

Second, there's this persistent "i-got-more-designers-than-the-next-guy" competition amongst online logo designers. Some claim that "3 designers" or "5 designers" or even "100 designers" will work on your logo. Boloney. They might have 100 freelance designers on speed dial, but many of these "logo design firms" are one-man shows. The problem with freelance designers is that (1) they work when they want to and (2) they are far less accountable - if they steal someone else's logo and present it as a new creation, they can simply disappear when found out. In-house designers on the other hand are in the studio every day and can be held accountable.

Last but not least: Make sure you own that logo. We are aware of online logo design companies that resell logos. This is not dishonest in all cases - some of them state that logos are resold as "logo templates". Others hide it in the fine print. Some just don't tell you at all! The best way to be sure of exclusive ownership is to (1) find out if they are willing to transfer the copyright to you and (2) register your logo as a trademark as soon as possible. At LogoAnts the copyright is automatically yours, as per our terms of service. In the unlikely event that your trademark registration fails because a similar logo already exists somewhere in the world, we will make the necessary changes to your logo free of charge.



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We now also have a logo search feature! Try it out!



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Start by taking a look at our shelf logos (once-off, customizable pre-designed logos). If you don't see one there that will work for your company, consider getting a custom logo design instead.

If you have any questions that you need answered first, we have an in-house design consultant standing by with the answers. Get in touch. We respond to emails within 1 business day.





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